Tips on how to start a new fitness routine

Tips on how to start a new fitness routine

Do you want to get the perfect body you need? Are you trying to get some extra muscles on your body? Are your muscles not strong enough? Is obesity causing you to feel low? Do you feel exhausted all the time? What are the ways to replace fat with the proteins? These are a few questions of most of the population that need to be replied well.

According to the US department of health, more than 80% of the adults do not meet the healthy criteria for both the aerobic and resistance workouts. With the advancement of the latest gadgets, people are stuck to their screens everywhere and don’t really move out. The absence of physical activity has detrimental effects on body causing weak muscle and bones, less energy, easy fatigability, and fast aging process. While maintaining a regular workout routine makes the body strong minimizing the incidence of common diseases for a healthy prosperous living.
In the following text, there are some proven tips to help you get started on a new fitness routine.

i. Be clear about your exercise’ goal
The basic thing before you go for some exercise is to determine the goal that you want to be achieved through that exercise. Different types of workouts serve different purposes. If you want to get rid of obesity, or some extra fat present on your body you need to do some typical workouts. In order to reach some other goal, there are different routes to adapt. If you are fit already and just want to have large biceps or wider chest, you will be needed to do the workouts that are meant for it. Hence, set your goals first in order to get succeeded, before you go for some exercise.

ii. Consistency beats everything
Consistency is the main key to success when it comes to following some fitness regime. People are usually very excited at the beginning and tend to workout intently and vigorously. However, when the excitement gets down in a few days, they start skipping their workouts. Ultimately this becomes a vicious cycle culminating in complete cessation of the workout routine. It is advised to start slow but being consistent in performing your workout exercises. 10 minutes of regular workouts are better than an hour of intense exercise twice a week.

iii. Start your fitness routine at a moderate pace
It is a common observation that guys go hard on their bodies even at the beginning of their fitness routine. When we don’t follow an exercise routine and keep on living a sedentary lifestyle, it makes our muscles stiff and weak. It takes time to condition our muscles gradually. Being overly pumped up and performing highly intense exercises can negatively impact the body. It does increase the chances of injuries. Take a moderate start and keep on adding to it with time and capacity.

iv. Beat the initial boredom by doing a variety of workouts
Repeating the same moves can become boring and you might lose your interest in pursuing it. It is a good idea to try different types of exercises to keep ourselves interested and consistent in moving our bodies. Running, cycling, jogging, swimming and adding it to home-based crunches and pushups is a good idea to try. It will bring a variety to look forward too. Doing different kinds of workouts also help to avoid strain on specific body areas.

v. Stretch your body to give it recovery time
Stretching is an integral component of any good fitness plan. You can stretch before or after your workout routine to get more flexibility while minimizing the chances of being injured. It also gives muscles enough time to recover.

vi. Monitor your results and change accordingly
The more you work on your body, the more you get to know it. After cherishing a fitness routine for a few weeks, you will be able to know your body well. Assess the changes and compare them before and after the results of workout. Listen your body and make changes accordingly to achieve even better results.

There is no need to stress the benefits of exercise as we all are well aware of it. The good news is that you can get all the health benefits by just sparing time for your own well being on a regular basis. You don’t necessarily need to buy costly exercising machines or heavy gym types of equipment to deal with your body. Doing some pushups randomly is also not a very good idea of getting the desired work. It is required to make physical activity a part of our lifestyle to enjoy a healthy living full of energy and joy.


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