Richella Rantong is a Fitness Trainer, Bodybuilding Competitor, your transformation coach and best buddy during the Explode Energy 8-Week Challenge.

has successfully coached hundreds of fit fanatics through their journey of reaching excellence. As a fit fanatic herself she started training students at the University, giving boxing classes, aerobics training, HIIT, and personal training. Richella is the creator of Explode Energy, a coaching company with a mission to fill people’s lives with energy by training and nutrition, so they have the power to go after their dreams!


At Explode Energy we handle your nutrition, give you support, and are your personal trainer. We provide tools that you need to burn fat, build muscle, get more energy, be full-blown jacked and the best version of you!

We believe that the world needs more people with passion, influence, leadership, and the energy to act on their mission and life goals. Explode Energy is for the individuals who feel the drive to go after their dreams, and that extra boost of energy helps them to become a better student, entrepreneur, parent, fit fanatic, doctor or high paid expert. Our Team X Family is built for men and women from beginner to advanced level. Here it is all about becoming your best version, executing each day, and feeling full of vivaciousness.

In 2017 Richella competed in the bodybuilding category Figure, she won 1st place and Best Women Physique of The Year 2017. After winning her first competition, she decided to bring her coaching qualities online to reach more people – And here we are! Determined to help millions of people around the world to reach their full potential and physique goals. If you are ready to lift your fitness & physique goals to a new level, click the button below!

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I went from average to above average in just a month! This program really improved my health and changed my perspective on my body and self-esteem. I feel better in my own skin and have a lot more energy during the day!

Laura, Past Client


Nutrition was always a struggle for me, I didn’t know what to eat and when to eat to lose fat. But this nutrition guide really helped me to stock my kitchen with healthy food and make nutritious meals. It helped me to stay consistent and gave me a blueprint to succeed.

Mary, Past Client


Explode Energy helped me to reduce my body fat down with 5% in just one month. It was all the motivation I needed to continue a long-term fitness plan and really get the body I wanted. This is the best program I followed so far!

Eric, Client





These Core Values Make Us TEAM X
and Reminds Us of What’s Important!

Clients First!

Everything we produce, create, do and say starts with a compassion for our clients and their needs. Every project, training, or idea is made with a greater vision to bring out the best of our clients.

High Performance & Willpower

When we set a goal, we do what needs to get done and we put intention in every moment! Despite our emotions, we focus on our priorities and are on our best behaviour. When others stop, we go to the top!


Everything that is outstanding and extraordinary starts with the practice of discipline. Learning something new, drilling your craft, going after your dreams, and becoming your best version, all starts with discipline!

Fearless & Driven

We are not afraid to fail, and our ambitious goals make us aim high to succeed and reach our full potential. We are passionate about life, results, and reaching our goals by tracking our performance and setting challenging daily tasks.

Trust & Accountability

Our word is our promise and we empower each other to stay accountable to deliver on our commitments. We trust each other to be of great value.