5 foods that boost your metabolism and burn fat

5 foods that boost your metabolism and burn fat

Metabolism can be defined as the rate at which the body burns calories or utilizes energy. It is the process that converts the drinks, foods or whatever you eat into energy. Metabolism is not only responsible for breaking the complex substances into small consumable forms but also to make up the important body parts including proteins and other substances.

The process of metabolism is the same in all of us; however the rate of metabolism varies from person to person. Some people can metabolize at a faster pace while others are slow metabolizers. Fast metabolism results in speedy conversion of nutrients into energy without leaving extra food to accumulate. The slow metabolism, on the other hand, takes time to carry out the breakdown of nutrients and can culminate in extra calories that go unconsumed.

Eating right is the basis of losing weight and boosting metabolism. Foods are the key factors that can impact the metabolic rate enhancing the metabolism considerably. Following are the 5 main food items that can boost up your metabolism:

1. Cayenne

Cayenne pepper is an important component that can raise metabolism to much higher levels. It contains capsaicin which increases the body heat by burning the available calories. Metabolism can rise to as much as 25% for duration of at least 3 hours.

2. Avocado

It contains all the proteins and healthy omega-3 fatty acids that increase the metabolic rate. Avocado is taken as the top food when treating metabolic syndrome. It also contains all the essential amino acids that build up the body mass. It is a hunger squasher, belt shrinker, and nutrient booster.

3. Maca

Originating from the barren land of Andes, maca is a powerful food that has numerous positive effects. It is high in minerals and nutrients. Maca can be considered a superfood owing to its nutrition level and healthy effects on the body. It plays its role in metabolism by reducing the cortisol hormone; hence the ultimate effect is a decreased belly. It also harmonizes the hormones and stables the endocrine functions.

4. Green tea

Green tea is another magic thing as it also exerts a lot of healthy effects on the body, belly loss being the most obvious. It has been tested and proven for a long time for weight reduction. In addition to antioxidants, green tea can increase the thermogenesis of food culminating in metabolism. If you hate the relatively bitter taste of green tea, you can take it in the capsule form.

5. Water

Water is the most important fuel for metabolism and if you are deficient in water, other nutrients won’t work. At least eight glasses of water are recommended per day for adequate metabolism. Dehydration causes the body to lose temperature which in turn causes fat deposition. Hence right amount of water in the body will maintain the metabolism at an optimum level.

Effective diet tips to increase metabolism

In addition to choosing the right type of food, eating pattern and timing are just as important to get shredded by losing some extra pounds. Below are some amazing trips that should be acted upon to obtain the results; you long for.

1. Increase your number of meals. Instead of taking two or three large plates, consume several small meals the whole day. The small meals will increase and sustain the thermic effect of food. As it requires 2-3 hours for proteins to be digested; if you will take small meals after 3 every hour, the thermogenesis will keep on happening.

2. Never skip your basic meals, i.e. three times a day. Even if you are very busy and can’t take some time out, do take some food. Try to keep some foods under your range at the meal hours.
3. Breakfast is crucial in the process of enhancing metabolism. Since your body was starved the whole night, it is necessary to feed it with some food in the morning.

4. A protein diet after a workout is very helpful. Take some protein shake or protein-rich meal after an hour of exercise as it will help to recover the body muscles.

5. Avoid eating while sleeping. Although the metabolic processes keep happening during the sleep the digestive functions get slowed. This slow digestion will not let the metabolism boost by the food, so do not eat heavy foods less than three hours before going to bed.

6. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible. Make sure that you get nutrient-rich meals instead of empty calories.


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